Masks Required Community Salt Cave Session- Last Sunday of the month

We have designed this special community salt cave session for our health cautious community.

These sessions happen the last Sunday of the month. This session is to support people with compromised immune systems and their family members, as well as those who feel concerned to be in community spaces with others not wearing masks. These designated masks sessions are held monthly on Sunday mornings at 10am, first thing in the morning, before any other clients are in the building. We only have one staff member on at that time, who will also be wearing a mask. We will have wiped down high touch service areas before guests enter. Our sole’ nebulizer, a water & salt solution, that is a similar concentration to what is found in our bodies, will be on during the session. When added into the salt cave, Sole’ helps to boost up the immune system and rebalance the body’s minerals. The salt cave is supportive in boosting the respiratory system, supporting our cardiovascular network, calming the nervous system, balancing out skin issues, and boosting the immune system.     **Please arrive 15 minutes early if you would like to shop in our salt boutique before the session begins, as after the session other unmasked guests and staff may be arriving.
If you are wanting to add on any other private services on ( ie Massage, Hammam) once booking those, please reach out via email, so we can make and note in your file and have staff aware if they need to be wearing a mask, however we cannot guarantee that other guests in the building will be masked during these times.
For any additional services we do not require other guests in the space to wear masks, but are happy to try to accommodate all peoples needs and comfort levels to the best of our ability.
These sessions happen the last Sunday of the month.

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