Salt Cave Community Acupuncture & Healing:

Acupuncture with nourishing meditation in the tranquil ambiance of the Salt Cave on May 10th @ 6pm

Blending together acupuncture and healing meditations rooted in Intuition Medicine ® Jessica Davies, LAc. creates a safe and sacred space for community healing inside the Asheville Salt Cave.


The intentions of this offering are to: 1. De-mystify energy medicine by sharing elemental meditations that awaken specific healing energies and acupressure points that are easy for everyone to use. 2. Gather in community to do personal and collective healing work that will ripple gentleness and light into our relationships and world.


The Salt Cave gives us a nourishing, cleansing, and deeply grounding space that amplifies relaxation, clears inflammation, improves breathing, and uplifts our mood and attitude. Acupuncture is known for promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and improving overall well-being.


Suitable for newbies to acupuncture or regular pin-cushions. Needling style is very gentle and effective and an option of substituting essential oils for the needles is available.

Bring yourself, your partner, or your bestie and tune up your energies to start your weekend feeling grounded, peaceful, and inspired.

$85 per person

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