Reiki Practitioner Training

We are pleased to announce our first Reiki Practitioner Training!

This 3-day Spring Equinox training course will be led by Reiki Master Teacher, Jason Bennefield.

Upon completion of this course, you will be fully attuned and qualified to practice Usui Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 in a practitioner capacity. We are blessed to facilitate this workshop in collaboration with the Asheville Salt Cave. The class will take place in the Wellness Studio at the Asheville Salt Cave. The Attunement Ceremony will be held inside the Salt Cave, a powerful sacred healing space where we will be completely surrounded by Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt.

In this course, we will cover the history and methodology of Reiki, diving into practical application of techniques through hands-on practice sessions during class.

  Please be prepared to give and receive Reiki. We will discuss the fundamentals of Energy Anatomy to prepare you for working in the increasingly important field of Energy healing. This workshop will include yoga, breathwork, meditation, and additional lifestyle approaches which can assist you on your path. We will discuss and practice creating and holding sacred space for healing and explore crystal and sound medicine for Reiki. We will explore other methods as well, such as energetic clearing, shielding, spiritual self-defense and protection, and how to navigate the Shadow. This course also includes professional ethics and development to ensure your confidence in practicing Reiki professionally, should you choose. We will learn the process of performing Distance Reiki as well, which can be very useful in times where clients are unavailable to meet in person, or even for large groups of beings or areas of the planet in need of this healing Light. You will receive 3 powerful energetic seals and accompanying incantations which focus and amplify the Reiki frequencies. During the Attunement Ceremony these frequencies will be transmitted to you, enabling you to channel them for Life, if you so choose.    

Reiki Attunement is an intensive process of clearing and unfolding which can bring about powerful growth, transformation and healing in your personal life - disentangling you from outdated patterns, traumas and beliefs which have impeded the emergence of your truest nature.

    This can be an incredibly empowering process. Whether you choose to employ these frequencies in the role of practitioner or for your own personal growth and healing will be for you to determine. But know that when approached with the same respect and reverence as you would approach a sacred plant medicine, this process can profoundly change your Life. If you feel called to explore this path of Energy Medicine, we are honored to assist you in opening this door and grateful to witness as you step into the Lightworker Path, for the good of all beings.
Payment is required in advance. Class size is limited to 10 students. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email from Asheville Salt Cave as well as a registration email from Jason with all of the additional information you will need in preparation for this training. Suggested reading for this class is Reiki, the Healing Touch, First and Second Degree Manual by William Lee Rand. Many blessings!  

Wed. March 18, 10am-6pm (90min break 12:30-2pm)

Thu. March 19, 10am-9pm (90min break 12:30-2pm, 90 min break 6pm-7:30)

Fri. March 20, 2pm-6pm

*Attunement Ceremony will be held on Day 2, 7:30-9pm

$369 per person

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