Tea Meditation in the Wellness Studio

Tea Meditation: Passing Through the Garden Gate A collaboration with Dobra Tea This meditation is held in our WELLNESS STUDIO.

  • Tea ceremony has its roots in the mountains and temples of ancient China. Tea was used by monks to help them focus in their long sessions of meditation. Nobles would retreat into the mountains and prepare tea to inspire their art and expand their mind. In the Japanese tradition of tea ceremony, one walks through a beautiful garden on the way to the tearoom and passes through a garden gate. This passing through is symbolic of cleansing the spirit and leaving the world behind for the separate reality of the teahouse.
  • Through the centuries, tea ceremony has evolved as different cultures developed their own interpretation. Yet at its core, tea ceremony has remained an expression of grace, spirit, and gratitude.
  • In this tea meditation, we will tap into the deep heritage of The Way of Tea, known as Chado. We will flow through the preparation of 3 different teas to cultivate a calm sense of gratitude. Admiring beauty through all 5 senses, we will dwell in what the ancient tea sages called, a world apart.
  • In this class, we will consume caffeine
Miles Cramer has been working in the tea industry for the last decade with Dobra Tea, a full-service tea house that imports direct from gardens all over the world. In his work, he has traveled to tea gardens across Asia and learned first-hand from tea masters about cultivation, production and tea culture. He teaches educational workshops throughout the southeast, introducing people to the deep heritage and joy of drinking high quality tea.  
  • This special event inside our WELLNESS STUDIO

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