Seasonal Wisdom Circle: Tantrika

∆ ∞ The Tantrika Seasonal Wisdom Circle ∞ ∆

“Let’s talk about sex, baby” -Salt n Peppa

Let’s talk about sex, creativity, and fertility through the lenses of archetype, botany, and the Divine.

Let me be clear and frank: you do not have to be sexual, interested in childbearing, or even have a uterus to attend this class. This class is not about “being sexy” or having babies.

In fact, I’ll be sharing my story about post hysterectomy “fertility”.

The medicine of The Tantrika archetype teaches us how to feel and direct passion, how to focus away from wounding and toward healing, and how to desire.
Katie Vie of River Island Apothecary, will be hosting this special one hour event inside the salt cave. This is one not to be missed!

$38 per person

This is a pre-purchased ticket to an event, your ticket is not refundable once purchased.