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Community Salt Cave: starts at $22
Private Salt Cave: starts at $220
Special Events inside the Salt Cave:
starting at $38
60 Minute Salt Cave Couples Massage: $385

90 Minute Salt Cave Couples Massage : $460


Private Hammam: $50 per person


Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes……….$60
45 minutes……….$70
60 minutes……….$95
90 minutes………$130
120 minutes……..$170

Couples Massage in Healing Arts Room

60 minutes……….$250

90 minutes…………$325

Hot Salt Stone Therapy

60 minutes……….$115
90 minutes……….$150

Heal Your Sole Foot Massage

45 minutes……….$75

Energy Healing

45 minutes……….$70

Aromatherapy Salt Glow

45 minutes……….$85

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    Recent Customer Reviews

    MD. Catherine Bergendiová, PhD., Clinical immunology and allergy, Pneumo – Allergy Centre, Bratislava  states:  The salt cave is very good for people with allergies. The air is saturated with ions of iodine, calcium, magnesium, sodium, bromine, selenium and other trace elements, creating a microclimate that has a huge positive impact on the treatment of a […]

    -MD. Catherine Bergendiová PhD.

    MD. Milan Simko, Immunologist – Allergologist, University Hospital Bratislava initially attributed the positive effect staying in a cave on the airways that inhaled aerosols dissolve viscous mucus that is better then removed from the airways. Recent research, however, suggest an important regulatory role of surface padding of the skin and respiratory tract.

    -MD. Milan Simko, Immunologist

    Internist – Gastroenterologist, Department of Preventive Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Bratislava Minerals provide the stability of the internal environment (homeostasis) and the so-called maintenance, acid-base balance, in which more involved in sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur. Important role also in the regulation of transmission of nerve impulses, especially sodium, calcium, potassium and […]

    -Doc. MD. Igor Kajaba, PhD.

    Head I. Pulmonary Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine and General University Hospital in Prague the healing effects of salt are known for centuries. An example is the treatment of what the patients underwent at the royal salt mine Wieliczka Poland, where since 1958 has routinely treated for asthma, diseases of the upper and […]

    -Prof. MD. Jiri Homolka, MD.

    MD. Zuzana Lukáčová, Dermatovenereology, University Hospital Bratislava – Ružinov states: Specific microclimate of salt caves has excellent effects not only on some skin diseases, but also has a positive effect on other diseases, such as allergies, asthma, inflammation of the sinuses, airways, and not least also works for stress relief and brings a feeling of […]

    -MD. Zuzana Lukáčová

    Athletes use salt therapy to normalize the breathing pattern. Visiting a salt cave helps to increase oxygen exchange, increase stamina and performance, reduces production of lactic acid, decreases dehydration, decreases cramping, shortens recovery time, increases energy levels, and contributes to good sleep habits. BMJ 1994;309:113-115 (9 July) Pulmonary Limitation to Performance in Sport  

    -Mark Harries, ABC of Sports Medicine