getprevThere is something magical that happens when we walk along the shore. Our cares lighten; our perspective lengthens. Scientists are trying to put their finger on exactly why that is, and, in fact “I’m Always Entirely Happy When I’m Here” is the title of a 2013 German study that found that outdoor settings, particularly those by the water, help us recover from stress. Proof…just head to the beach and let the sand and waves sooth your body and soul. Can’t get to the beach. No problem. Asheville’s only authentic Salt Cave produces a similar effect on your mind and body. Salt therapy has been known and used in Europe for hundreds of years. The resonate vibration of the salt, the negative ions and the soothing micro-climate all produce an environment in which the body and mind are free to begin to balance and “heal” themselves. Come in today and experience the most relaxing 45 minutes of your life.