Community Salt Cave: starts at $20
Private Salt Cave: starts at $170
Special Events inside the Salt Cave:
starting at $38
Cave Couples Massage: $420


Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes……….$55
45 minutes……….$65
60 minutes……….$85
90 minutes………$115
120 minutes……..$155

Couples Massage in Healing Arts Room

60 minutes……….$230

Hot Salt Stone Therapy

60 minutes……….$105
90 minutes……….$130

Heal Your Sole Foot Massage

45 minutes……….$65

Energy Healing

45 minutes……….$65

Aromatherapy Salt Glow

45 minutes……….$80

Upcoming Events

Partner Massage inside the Salt Cave

Grab a friend, parent, or partner of any kind to learn useful and nurturing at home massage techniques inside the Salt Cave. No massage experience or equipment necessary. Just bring your hands and the excitement to learn, nurture, and be nurtured while relaxing and breathing in our beautiful restorative salt cave. This class is led […]

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Handpan Concert

The Handpan is a unique instrument, which calls the listener into presence with the clarity of a bell, and then transports the awareness atop waves of intricate rhythms and subtle overtones. This musical Journey is an opportunity to sink into the deeply relaxing environment of the Salt Cave while immersing the body and mind in […]

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New Moon Meditation

Come join us in the healing womb of the Asheville Salt Cave for this New Moon meditation. During this sacred evenings we will gather for 1 hour to slow down, relax, and fully drop-in to the healing space of the salt cave. Harnessing the energy of the Moon, we’ll tune into our heart space and […]

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra brings you into a deeply restorative healing state that will release tension, enhance your vital life source, and leave you with a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.

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Sound Healing Concert

Let the sounds of singing crystal bowls, unique African instruments, and various drums lull you into deep relaxation inside the salt cave.

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Reiki Sound Healing

Experience the  gentle balancing Reiki Energy as you are serenaded by the healing sound of the Tibetan bowls and deeply nourished inside the salt cave.

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