Hammam Steam Room

Steam. Exfoliate. Purify.

Our self service Hammam Steam Room is a one-of-a-kind Spa experience that is brand new to Asheville, NC.

Inspired by ancient Turkish and Moroccan bathing traditions, this relaxing treatment is designed to detoxify and exfoliate the skin while restoring the mind. This service takes place inside our newly built hammam steam room adorned adorned with vibrant colors, copper basins, and handcrafted tile mosaics

By deeply cleansing and exfoliating our skin, which is our bodies’ largest organ, cleansing becomes less habitual and more of a ritual: aiding in the release of toxins, increasing circulation and bringing the whole person closer to their highest vibration. Sure to leave you feeling revitalized; body, mind and spirit.

What to Bring

  • A towel, swim suit, water shoes will provide must be worn throughout the entire session and change of lightweight loose fitting clothes to relax in after your session.
  • Extra towels, soap and Kess Mitt are provided

How does it work?

This is a SELF SERVICE, you will be with your private party. There is no bodywork included.

  • Choose from  one of our 2 options  :  30 Minute Express Session  or our 60 Minute Deluxe Package
  • Steam to soften, hydrate skin and relax muscles.
  • Exfoliate with all-natural handcrafted soap and cleaners and Kese Mitt
    (traditional exfoliating mitt)
  • Rinse away impurities with personal sinks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are children able to go into the hammam?

People under 17 are not allowed to utilize the hammam. Children may also react poorly to the higher heat.

What can I expect during a session?

You will sit on heated benches inside our steam room and using copper bowls to pour water over your skin. You may chose to exfoliate your skin with a provided Kese Mitt and wash with provided soap samples. This is a self service treatment.

For more detailed info and step by step process read please our blog here.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions last for a total 45 minutes and begin on the half hour. We invite you to relax and hydrate after your session in our atrium, located just upstairs from the hammam.

Will I be nude?

In private sessions it is up to you and your guests, as bathing suits are optional. We will provide you a traditional lightweight Turkish towel to cover up and use while seated or laying down during your session.  Everyone needs to wear our water shoes at all times during the session, as the floor is very slippery.

What are the benefits of using a Hammam Steam Room?

Our largest organ is our skin and we tend to cover most of it with our favorite lotion and other body care products. Environmental residue, detergents, and numerous other invisible toxins build up on the skin over time. The hammam is a place to deeply cleanse the outer most layer of our physical body. Finishing with a cold pour is a great immune boost to the system as well.

Besides being nurturing experience, there are many medical benefits to using a hammam and these benefits of hammam date back to around 200 BC. These types of services stimulate your immune system by increasing antibody production and relieving aches, pains and stiffness in joints and muscles. It detoxifies the body and can reduce cellulite by pulling toxins from the fat cells of your body.

Who should not go in a Hammam Steam Room?

There are just a few folks whom would not benefit from a Hammam . Our hammam uses high temperatures. These temperatures could possibly harm people who are elderly, have diabetes or heart disease, as well as those with irregular blood pressure.

Severe inflammatory processes in the internal organs; heart diseases (infarction), cancerous diseases, severe kidney diseases, auditory and visual system diseases, severe diseases of the respiratory organs, infectious diseases, pregnancy, varicosity, fever or thyroid disorders, extreme vertigo.


*Please be mindful of your volume as you move about our entire space as well, as others are in healing sessions.