himalayanheartVisiting the salt cave can be very beneficial for people with heart and circulatory conditions. The salt rocks in our cave contain 84 trace elements that our bodies need and crave. Several of them are essential for good heart and circulation health.

Bromine –  helps to lower blood pressure and regulate the Nervous System

Iron – is an essential component of hemoglobin. It helps to improve muscle strength (your heart is a muscle)   and concentration. It helps reduce susceptibility to infection.

Copper – has anti-fungal properties and affects the synthesis of hemoglobin

Selenium – fights viral infections, blocks free radicals, slows down the skin aging process

People with heart and circulatory conditions will find that a visit to our salt cave may help with insufficient circulation and post heart attack hypertension.

A 45 minute visit to our salt cave will help relax you, reduce your stress, and give you a calm sense of being. This will result in helping to keep your heart healthy.