I was first introduced to the lovely and decadent “world peace cookie” about a year ago…I remember it fondly. It was a chilly fall night and my new neighbor, Kelly invited me over for wine, sweets, and adult conversation after getting our kids to bed.

I know, how could I resist?

I made my way over to her house and I could smell the buttery goodness right when I walked in. In between some laughs and sips of wine, Kelly popped off the couch and disappeared for a few minutes. What she returned with stole my heart and my tastebuds instantly.

I’m laughing at myself now as I reflect on this moment because it’s well…kind of romantic.

The cookie is a French shortbread cookie that was was developed by Pierre Herme with the American chocolate chip cookie in mind using brown sugar. It’s Buttery. Chocolatey. Chewy and lovingly topped off with French Sea Salt .

Years later they were renamed World Peace Cookies. The story goes that  “If everyone had it, peace would reign o’er the planet”. Not a bad concept…and certainly worth a shot in my book!

When you taste these, you’ll understand why! They are so pleasing to the senses you’ll smile from he inside out and you’ll WANT to share them!

A secret that Kelly shared with me about this sweet treat is that making several batches and freezing them makes for easy, instant gratification!  This is a big yes for me as my days and nights have become increasingly busy. Traditionally, the cookie is rolled into a log, sliced into discs, then baked. I find that storing the sliced cookies in the freezer is easier than trying to cut into a frozen cookie dough log.

I’ve shared a copy of Dorie Greenspan’s recipe here. Dorie is responsible for first publishing Pierre Herme’s recipe in her cookbook Paris Sweets in 2002. She’s also behind the renaming of the cookie which was re-published in Baking From My Home to Yours.

Okay, so my most favorite part of this recipe is how easily it is to adapt to your mood. You want to add peanut butter chips, caramel, or nuts? Do it!

My favorite is to add lavender and top with Pink Himalayan salt. I mean, how gorgeous and yummy are these?!