The Asheville Salt cave is made up of all natural materials

Our cave is built with wood, water, rock and 20 tons of Polish salt crystals which are 250 million years old and come from 3- 5 miles below the earths surface. They are free of bacteria and unpolluted. The micro-climate is created by using Sole’ ( a highly concentrated solution of salt and water to feed the cave through two water features), keeping the cave at a constant temperature of 68-70 degrees and a constant humidity of 50%.

The interior of our cave is designed to recreate the unique microclimates found in the Wiellczka and Bochnia salt caves in Poland, which are at a depth of 350 meters. The unique healing attribute of the Asheville Salt Cave is due to the enriched air that circulates inside the cave. The air is rich in negative salt ions and 84 trace elements, which are absorbed by the body via respiration and through the skin. 45 minutes in our salt cave has an equivalent healing effect to being at the ocean for 4 days.

By breathing in this unique micro-climate and allowing our skin to absorb it, we are helping our bodies to maintain a balanced pH. When our body’s pH is balanced we are less prone to illness and infection.

Most of the salt caves and salt rooms you see grind a dry table salt into minute particles which are then sprayed into the room via a mechanical device called a Halo-generator. The salt used in halo-generators cannot even be the mineral rich pink himalayan salt. Only pharmaceutical grade table salt (stripped of its natural mineral content) can be used in halogenerators. Providing only the antibacterial benefit of salt and none of the mineral balancing benefits of our nature-inspired salt cave.

The Asheville Salt Cave is an extremely unique design based around speleotherapy.

The salt in our cave is antibacterial, growing and self-sustaining, due to our nature-inspired and carefully controlled microclimate. And the experience of absorbing the salts minerals is very similar to how one would naturally come in contact with these 84 trace elements and minerals – at the beach, visiting a naturally occurring salt cave, or eating pure Himalayan pink salt.


We offer salt therapy in our nature inspired salt cave as well as a variety of massage therapy spa services in our healing arts rooms. Such as couples massage, therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, energy work, reflexology, and body scrubs.