Himalayan Crystal Salt is one of the most profound and fundamental health re-discoveries of our time.

This crystalline, unrefined salt comes from the original prime body of sea – the Primal Ocean.

This salt which is located deep below the earth’s surface was created in the primal ocean. It was dried up by the sun’s energy and then compressed over millions of years by the land masses formed over these deposits. These ancient salt deposits remained trapped and under tremendous pressure for millions of years. They were deep and inaccessible until fairly recent times.

Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt contains miraculous healing properties for both our environment and our bodies. The composition is organic and pollutant free. It contains no impurities from environmental pollution. The composition of this unique salt has one of the highest elemental concentrations of 84 minerals and trace elements, the same nutritional elements our bodies require. These minerals are in ionic form, allowing the body to make full use of the minerals. Himalayan Crystal Salt is the world’s only natural ionizer and air purifier.

Not all Himalayan Crystal Salt is the same.

Salt that is mined from the topmost layers of the Himalayan Mountain Range is mere rock salt. It contains many impurities and is of inferior quality. A salt lamp made from this inferior surface salt is little more than a knickknack. They are a far cry from the “pure” Himalayan products harvested from deep within the Himalayan Mountain base.

Our Pledge

All of the products found in our “Salt Market” are made of this high quality. The negative ions emitted from our salt lamps help purify the air, neutralizing the toxic effects of electronic pollution, molds, mildew and dust.