An anchor is something that helps us feel grounded; something that holds us in place and offers support.

A spiritual anchor can be God/Source/The Universe, family, friends, a specific memory – anything that helps us feel stable and makes breathing a bit easier. By aligning with our spiritual anchors, whatever they may be, we are being directed towards light and calming our fears. 

Feeling grounded within yourself is something we all tend to take for granted every once in awhile.

It’s easy to get lost and caught up in our day to day, our relationships, our environment, etc. Sometimes, when the weight of the world starts to feel a little to heavy, it’s nice to have something within ourselves that we can call upon to lead us back to our center. That’s when spiritual anchors can come in useful.

For me personally, when I need my anchor – a pocket of peace during a hectic day- I bring myself back to memories of living by the ocean.

I imagine feeling the bright sun on my skin, and I automatically feel a sense of warmth run through my body. It’s like receiving a hug from someone you haven’t been able to see in awhile. But then there are days when things can seem really rough between my emotions and how busy my day is, when I feel like I don’t even have a moment to think. Those are the days I like to recite a few prompts to myself that also serve as anchors for me.

I like to reflect on these prompts through out the day and, if I find time, journal about them before I go to bed at night.

If you ever need some guiding words, or something to help bring you back to your center…here are a few of my favorite sayings i like to carry with me:

  1. I am enough, worthy of friendship and love, just as I am
  2. My value is not diminished by my imperfections or the perceptions of others
  3. I am deserving of good things, happiness, and love
  4. I am here, and that matters
  5. I choose and am in control of positive thoughts
  6. I let my happiness be visible to others
  7. I will observe myself free of judgment
  8. I am in the process of making positive changes
  9. What is meant for me will be mine
  10. I give myself permission to be okay where I am. I know that I am doing my best.

Sometimes we are all we have during a crazy time in our day/life, so be kind to yourself and remember to always find your anchor to pull yourself back “home.”

Many people find the Salt Cave to be a great place for deep breathing, grounding, and connecting with one’s spiritual anchors. Learn more about the salt cave here.