As far back as 1795, records show that the area of Asheville, NC was regarded as a place to come to heal oneself. The Indians used the area as a neutral ground for their sick and took advantage of the area around Hot Springs. The climate was regarded as optimal because its components of temperature, barometric pressure, etc were measured by a physician who wanted to find the best place for his patients to recuperate. From the late 1880’s to the 1930’s Asheville rose in prominence as a curative place for tuberculosis. Boarding houses with large open air front porches were abundant. In the 1870s Dr. H. P. Gatchell, one of the pioneers treating TB published a pamphlet promoting the advantages of the Asheville climate for health seekers. As a result numerous sanitariums were built in Asheville specifically for the treatment of this contagious condition. It is no wonder that Asheville today has people coming to for specialized treatment. Mission – St. Joseph Hospital is a prime medical center for Western North Carolina. While Asheville itself is considered to be “The New Age Mecca of the East”. Based on the history of Asheville and its present day attraction for holistic healing, Asheville Salt Cave, after doing a great deal of research, chose Asheville as “the place” to share this amazing healing space with. We believe that we are a perfect fit for the area. Salt therapy has been well known and documented in Europe for centuries. It is only within the past 10 years that this form of natural healing has been brought to the United States. Asheville Salt Cave’s mission Is to help people who are suffering from various respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, hay-fever, pneumonia, wheezing, cold or cough with a drug-free solution which is free from side-effects. We focus on the source of the problem rather than just suppressing the symptoms like medication usually does. However, we make no medical claims and recommend that all medical conditions be treated by a physician competent in treating that particular condition. We have replicated the microclimate found in natural salt caves in Europe, through the use of 20 tons of imported Polish Salt, water features which are natural halo generators, and controlled temperature and humidity within the healing space. Let Us Put Salt Into Your Life !