“It all comes Full Circle”, this is so true of what the Asheville’s Therapeutic Salt Cave brings to Asheville, clean pure air in a micro-climate.

Through out history tuberculosis was treated with clean fresh air! Asheville’s setting in the mountains and large homes or boarding houses with wide front porches, helped provide that. The Mountain Sanatorium, advertised in William Gleitsmann’s pamphlet Mountain Sanitarium for Pulmonary Diseases, Asheville, N.C., published in the 1870s, argues that Asheville “has for a long time been visited by such patients, and its climate is well known to exert a beneficial influence on Consumptives” (p. 1). “The pure, clean mountain air,” combined with the “southerly situation,” make Asheville pleasant in both winter and summer (p. 1). The sanitarium opened under the charge of the author, Dr. William Gleitsmann of Baltimore. Stressing the importance of adequate nutrition to successful convalescence, the institution offered patients a “rich, nutritious diet, suitable to their condition, along with “board, including light, fire and nurse” for “$10 to $12, according to rooms, payable weekly in advance” (p. 1).

The microclimate of our cave is created by keeping it at a constant temperature and humidity and by feeding the saturated air with “sole”, a highly saturated  solution of salt and water,  from our two water features. Our Salt Cave is the only one in the United States that is sustainable and growing and free from any artificial or mechanical grinding of salt. One is totally immersed in a “sea” of microscopic salt.

Your body absorbs the microclimate through your lungs, by breathing it in and through your skin.

So once again Asheville offers tourists and residents alike the opportunity to experience an environment of clean pure air.

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