As you enter our Himalayan salt cave, you will notice three beautiful fountains all running a solution called Sole – pronounced “so-lay”, which is a perfect mixture of Himalayan salt and water.

We like to call it liquid sunlight or liquid light energy because the blend of water and salt is the “mother soup” of all life forms, and a physical representation of pure sun and light energy – the liquid materialization of sunlight. The word sole is derived from the Latin word for sun “sol” because of this (Hendel, 2003).

Here at Asheville Salt Cave, you can bask in liquid sunlight while relaxing on the floor cushions or zero gravity chairs, or you can purchase your own Sole making jar in our Salt Apothecary.

So what are the benefits of Sole?

Here are just a few:

  • Restores balance to high and low blood pressure within 15 minutes
  • Stimulates your metabolism, digestion, and circulation
  • Harmonizes acid-alkaline (ph) balance
  • Flushes out heavy metals in your body
  • Reestablishes radiant skin health

We encourage you to invite a little liquid sunlight into your life here at Asheville Salt Cave!

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Hendel, B (2003). Water and Salt, The Essence of Life (First Edition). Natural Resources, Inc.

This book can be purchased in our Salt Apothecary.