At the end of a long day, I love a relaxing soak, especially during a cold winter in the mountains.

There are many things that a hot bath can remedy such as stress and sore muscles. By adding Asheville Salt Cave’s Sweet Sole Bath Fizzy to your tub, you can enjoy a soothing and therapeutic experience that will make bathtime hard to end.

Asheville Salt Cave’s Sweet Sole Bath Fizzy is just one of my many favorite products in the shop. Made with himalayan salt, coconut oil, baking soda, cedarwood and sweet orange essential oils, calendula, crystal-infused witch hazel, and rose petals so you will feel ultra luxurious.

Each ingredient offers healing benefits:

Himalayan Salt: Promotes skin hydration and helps relieve muscle aches due to presence of trace minerals.
Coconut Oil: Leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished. Deeply moisturizing.
Baking Soda: Amazing for cleansing and detoxifying.
Cedarwood Oil: Aromatherapy used for sleep and has a soothing effect on mood
Sweet Orange Oil: Promotes a feeling of happiness and warmth. Natural antidepressant.
Calendula: Treatment for dry skin or healing skin wound.
Witch Hazel: Relieve irritation and muscle aches.
Rose Petals: Helps retain skin moisture and enhances mood. Helps rid anxiety.

Start by filling your tub with warm water, drop your fizzy into the tub, and get comfy and relax. I also love adding two cups of epsom salt to my bath for achy feet and muscles.

We all could use some additional love and self care this year.


Give the gift of self care to a loved one or give it to yourself. Purchase here or in our store at 16 N. Liberty St. in Asheville.