It is believed that these hold the ability for ones body to heal itself. The spiritual healing associated with Chakras arose in India around the 1st century.  Energy healers assess and then balance our 7 chakras or energy centers in order to maintain ones well-being.

Chakras are part of what is known as the energy body, an energy field that is believed to hold the power for the body to heal itself.  Each of the 7 Chakras is thought to be a swirling focus of light radiating along the spine and according to the Hindu tradition each can reveal a lot about your physical and emotional well-being.

According to tradition, a variety of problems, from headaches to depression, can result from trapped energy, which is why the Chakras need to be rebalanced.

Each Chakras reveals clues about a particular area of the body. Each has it own specific purpose and is associated with certain organs, hormones, emotions, and parts of the personality.

Description of each Chakra: 


Chakra 1 – The root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, representing your foundation and feeling of being grounded.  If this Chakra is blocked it is associated with lower-back pain, immune problems, depression and varicose veins.

Chakra 2- The sacral Chakra or womb Chakra is centered in the pelvis, lower abdomen, and lower back.  It symbolizes creativity and sexuality. If this Chakra is damage it is believed to result in hip pain, fertility problems, arthritis, and illnesses of the prostrate or ovaries.

Chakra 3 – The solar plexus represents confidence, self-esteem and a feeling of being in control of your life.  Found between the belly button and rib cage it regulates the liver, gall bladder, stomach and adrenal glands.  If this Chakra is weak it may result in ulcers, stomach issues, eating disorders and liver problems.

Chakra 4 – The Heart Chakra: A healthy 4th Chakra allows you to be compassionate and to forgive.  As the middle Chakra of the 7 it also navigates a balance between body, mind and spirit.  It affects the heart, circulatory system, thymus gland and lungs.  If blocked it may cause heart problems, asthma, allergies and lung illnesses.

Chakra 5- is located in the throat and determines the ability to communicate.  It symbolizes self-expression and truth.  It takes care of toxins in the lymph nodes, thyroid, esophagus and mouth.

Chakra 6- Is the “famous” Third Eye. It represents intelligence, intuition and the ability to see the big picture.  It governs the brain, nervous system, eyes, ears and nose.  If it is weak it may cause neurological illness, headaches and eye problems.

Chakra 7 – The Crown Chakra symbolizes your spiritual side. It takes care of the muscles, bones and skin. If this Chakra is blocked it may cause a sort of spiritual discomfort.

The Salt Market located at 12 Eagle Street in downtown Asheville (at the Asheville Salt Cave) carries Billy Zankski’s (from Skinny Beats Drum Shop) Chakra Bowl Meditation CD. This CD is a 55 minute sound healing tool that journeys through the 7 Chakras. Five tracks of peaceful music help relax the mind and body while tuning the Chakras. Track 4 is all 7 Chakras in ascending and then descending order.

Rebalance Today

Rebalance your Chakras and enjoy a life of good health and well-being.