Salt Cave Benefits

By now you are probably familiar with the Salt Cave benefits . The salt in the cave is over 250 million years old and comes from deep within the earth. It is pure and uncontaminated. This natural salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements. These are essential to our body. Without salt our brain would not be able to think and our muscles would not be able to move.

One powerful and often underestimated salt cave benefit is its relaxing environment. This factor alone has a tremendous impact on your health and well being. Running your toes in the salt, dim lighting, relaxing music, the zero-gravity chairs. . . and if you’ve come in for an event or massage, you double that effect.

Secondary Modality Benefit

Having 2 modalities simultaneously helps to improve our body and mind. Asheville Salt Cave has been proactive in bring many wonderful modalities in conjunction with the salt cave on a monthly basis, for the past three years.

Some of our offerings have included: Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Yoga and Gong Bath, Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Hand Pan Sessions, Toning our Chakras, Sound Healing Concerts  Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Pranayama Breathing, Full and New Moon Meditations, Sanskrit Chanting, Native American Flute sessions,  Restorative Yoga with Breathe work, and Tea Moments in the Salt Cave.

Special Benefit Offering

On Saturday, February 13th, as a special for Valentine’s Day will be offering Restorative Foot Massage. Your package (a $59 special) includes:  a 20 minute foot massage, a 45 minute salt cave session, chocolates and flowers. Space is limited to 8 people. Please reserve your space for this wonderful Gift of Health special by calling 828-236-5999 .