All life forms on this planet come from the ocean. The water of the ocean is a natural sole (concentrated salt & water solution, pronounced so-lay). We can observe this process in the growth of the fetus in the womb. The amniotic fluid in the womb is 1% water and salt solution – the sole. The word sole is directly connected to the word “soul”.

Life is equal to energy. Lack of energy causes disease. Suppressing symptoms does not heal the root of the symptom. An energy deficit creates a chaotic state within our bodies. If we use medications solely to suppress the symptoms we are experiencing we will not find the cause of the illness nor will we be able to balance our systems.

Water is the pillar of all life forms.

It is the beginning and the end of our life cycle. Water is not only important for our physical body, but it is also responsible for our thought processes, feelings and moods. If we drink enough water our body can eliminate toxins much quicker.

Salt is equally as important to our bodies as is water.

We could not survive without water and salt. They are equal partners. Natural crystal salt contains all the minerals and trace elements found in our body. Even the most simple process in our body, requires salt. Salt is a core essential nutrient that is fundamental for keeping us alive. The minerals found in natural salt crystals are available in such small particles that they can be absorbed easily by our cells. Salt is a vital source of life.

Allopathic medicine has recognized the healing properties of salt since the late 1800’s.

Our Nature Inspired Salt Cave

The water which is found in the two water features of our Salt Cave is called Sole and is a highly concentrated solution of water and salt. These two salt water features along with a constant temperature and constant humidity help to create the unique micro climate that mimics that of a naturally occurring salt cave.

When one experiences a salt cave session, ones body takes in the micro climate via respiration and through the skin. Our cave is made up of 20 tons of natural salt rocks which contain resonant vibrations .

It is not just the purity of air in the salt cave that has a healing effect, but also its resonant vibrations, that activate our self-healing and self-regulating powers.

In contrast, “salt rooms”, where salty air is blown in through a ventilation system without the balancing gentle effect of the water element, have become increasingly popular in our country. These are relatively quick and inexpensive to build by comparison. They do not produce the delicate micro climate of a nature inspired salt cave nor does the coarse salt on the walls produce any resonant vibrations in a large enough quantity to produce any medical benefit to our bodies.

To learn more

For more about the amazing combination of salt and water in our bodies and how they regulate and allow our body to heal itself read Water & Salt: The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira.

You can find this book, along with many other salt inspired books in our Salt Apothecary located in Downtown Asheville. We also offer a variety of massage therapy spa services. Such as couples massage, therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, energy work, reflexology, and body scrubs.