Most of us rarely leave the house without our phone these days. And it seems we are opting for text conversations over calls more and more. Being continually attached to our smart phones in this way can exacerbate certain inflammatory conditions, such as tendinitis. Tendonitis is the inflammation of tendons, the attachments between bone and muscle, and can be directly linked to overuse/repetitive motions of the hands and/or fingers. Tendonitis causes wrist pain, aching, numbness, and loss of strength. It can make you quite uncomfortable, and small tasks may seem hard to complete. However, this should not be confused with carpal tunnel syndrome, although swelling from tendonitis can cause carpal tunnel.

And just because your thumb seems to be doing all the work doesn’t mean the discomfort is confined to the hand. Often, since everything is connected in our bodies, these repetitive hand motions can lead to pain in the wrist and up the forearm.

If you start to notice a discomfort or pain in your wrists from texting too much, there are a few things you can do to help alleviate that pain and promote healing.


Obviously, put your phone down! Think of pain as your body’s way of giving an initial warning that something needs attention. Taking extended periods of time to rest throughout the day is necessary in order to help alleviate the pain, reduce any swelling, and promote healing. And by taking breaks, you’re reducing the chances of this nagging pain developing into a serious problem.


Place ice on the area twice a day for 10 minutes. Ice is very helpful for reducing inflammation and pain.

Wrist Brace

Often the support of a brace can help alleviate pain, while forcing you to use your thumb/hand thoughtfully and ergonomically, which aids the healing process.

Wrist Stretches

Going through a few simple exercises daily can alleviate some of the pain and keep your wrist and hand working properly.

Gentle Massage

Gentle massage along the entire arm and hand can assist with loosening tight muscles, increasing blood flow to the affected area, and increasing range of motion.

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