Laurel, Author at Asheville Salt Cave


Community Salt Cave: starts at $24

Private Salt Cave: starts at $235

60 Minute Salt Cave Couples Massage: $405

90 Minute Salt Cave Couples Massage : $485

60 Minute Hot Stone Salt Cave Couples Massage: $445

90 Minute Hot Stone Salt Cave Couples Massage: $525


$60 for 1 person, $55/person for 2-3 people, $50/person for 4 people, and $45/person for 5 people


Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes……….$60
45 minutes……….$80
60 minutes……….$100
90 minutes………$140

Couples Massage in Healing Arts Room

60 minutes……….$265

90 minutes............$345

60 minute hot stone......$305

90 minute hot stone......$385

Hot Salt Stone Therapy

60 minutes……….$120
90 minutes……….$160

Heal Your Sole Foot Massage

45 minutes……….$80

Energy Healing

45 minutes……….$80

Aromatherapy Salt Glow

60 minutes……….$130
90 minutes……….$170

Please Be Kind

as we try to readjust and create a "new normal"

Open House & Grand Re-Opening

Come celebrate with us, check out our new space, and enjoy an evening of self care.

The Best Massage in Asheville

"The best massage I've had in 20 years"

Origin of the Spa

‘Sanus per Aquam’ which means health by or through water- shortened to what we today call a Spa.

The Healing Power of Salt Water

Salt water solutions have been used for centuries to help infections, sore throats, mouth ulcers, toothaches, and congestion.

Body Mechanics: “Texting Thumb” Tendonitis

These repetitive hand motions can lead to pain in the wrist and up the forearm.

Throwing Salt

An Ancient Sumo Tradition

The Travel Channel Spotlights Asheville Salt Cave!

It is with great excitement that we are finally able to share with you that the Travel Channel did a little feature on us! 

Body Awareness: Forward Head Posture

Repetitive movements in any certain direction will strengthen the body's nerve and muscle pathways to move in that direction.

Staff Appreciation Night: A Gathering of 14 Salty Dawgs!

What a sweet splendid evening we had, and a reminder of how important it is to break out of our routines, laugh, love, and connect with those around us.

It’s our 5 year Anniversary!

Spend $50 on any service, get $5 off if you use promo code Anniversary5 when booking online.

Boost Your Health By Reducing Your Stress

Studies have shown that when we reduce stress, our bodies can begin to heal more effectively.

Reduce Earache Pain

Ear aches and infections are a terrible thing to experience as a child. You not only have a fever that makes you weak, but you also have to confront the constant earache pain . With autumn slowly installing its rainy self into each day of the week, a homemade solution to counter such discomfort is […]

Salt is a Handy Hand Sanitizer

Put a Himalayan Salt Heart in of your coat pockets for use as a handy hand sanitizer! Salt is a great way to kill the bacteria that we pick up on our hands throughout the day. A Himalayan Salt Heart is the perfect size and shape for your palm. Just rub the heart and get […]

How Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Work?

The heat from a lighted Himalayan salt lamp attracts moisture. The evaporation of water through salt emits negative ions. How many negative ions a Himalayan salt lamp or salt candle holder can release depends on its size and how warm an electric light bulb makes it. A night-light sized salt lamp would be effective for […]