Please be kind as we try to readjust and create a “new normal”

Many businesses are navigating their re-openings. They are re-learning their jobs and implementing new ways of doing things.

The owners and employees are trying their best. They are stressed. They are excited. They are uncertain. Please don’t go and complain about minor things. Please don’t go if you’re going to hassle them about new rules. Please do go and support small businesses. Please smile, even from behind your mask – we can see it in your eyes. Please be kind. 


As we start to open up… do you, I’ll do me. #KindnessWinsEveryTime

None of us have the same circumstances (medically high risk family members and a restaurant that could go under, etc.). Let’s all stay in our own lanes and keep the judgment down as we begin to reopen. No one should feel pressured either way.
Just a thought… As governors are trying to figure out how to ease back into normal, please remember:
? Some people don’t agree with the state opening…. that’s okay. Be kind.
? Some people are still planning to stay home…. that’s okay. Be kind.
? Some are still scared of getting the virus and a second wave happening….that’s okay. Be kind.
? Some are sighing with relief to go back to work knowing they may not lose their business or their homes….that’s okay. Be kind.
??‍⚕️Some are thankful they can finally have a surgery they have put off….that’s okay. Be kind.
? Some will be able to attend interviews after weeks without a job….that’s okay. Be kind.
? Some will wear masks for weeks….that’s okay. Be kind.
?? Some people will rush out to get the hair or nails done…. that’s okay. Be kind.
❤️ The point is, everyone has different viewpoints/feelings and that’s okay. Be kind.

We each have a different story. If you need to stay home, stay home. But be kind .
If you need to go out, just respect others when in public and be kind!
Don’t judge fellow humans because you’re not in their story. We all are in different mental states than we were months ago. So remember, be kind. -author unknown