Have you ever considered a digital detox? Maybe you have seen the movie “social dilemma “, and you know about Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Maybe you already try to curb your time spent on social meida.  The addiction still holds tight when it comes to technology in general. I believe there is a fine balance when living in the world of AI.

Many of us are addicted to our phones and computers.

I am on a computer writing this blog. You are most definitely on one of those devices now. Were you scrolling just before reading this blog, or do you think you will most likely scroll after reading it? We wake up to phone alarms, we start our day playing music from an app or listening to podcasts, we work on them, we binge watch our favorite TV and movies, we text our friends and family. Phones and computers are a huge part of our daily life, yet its important to create a balance. Taking a digital detox can help.

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that induces happiness. It is released every time we receive a message, alert, or notification on our phones. Most of us are deep in the addiction. When you are not on your phone for a few minutes and think of something do you grab your phone to look it up? Do to find yourself picking up your phone to scroll without even thinking about it?

A new study found that ditching your phone for a week — or even just using it less for that week — can change your relationship with your smartphone long-term.

Taking a digital detox, by decreasing your phone use, for even one week can help create positive habits and alleviate anxiety.

During a digital detox, you may notice that you pay more attention to your surroundings and that your brain can focus better on you tasks. Your mood will most likely be lighter and you may create more time for hobbies. Information overload can cause stress for some people. By reducing your consumption and doing something else, you will feel more relaxed and find yourself living more in the present moment.

Ways to Cut Back on Your Tech Use (Without Pulling the Plug Entirely)

  • Schedule time away from screens throughout the day
  • Take periodic breaks from technology/Create no-phone areas
  • Downgrade your phone. Remember the old flip phones?
  • Turn off your phone at a specific time
  • Adjust your phone settings to limit certain apps

While visiting us here at the salt cave, we encourage you to detox from your cell phone, even if just while you are here with us.

Technology detoxing is a big part of what makes our space so transformational. Whether you choose to have face-to-face conversation in our community spaces or to sit in quiet meditation, please join us in embracing mutual respect for one another and encouraging human connection.