Jodie Appel, Author at Asheville Salt Cave


Community Salt Cave: starts at $24

Private Salt Cave: starts at $235

60 Minute Salt Cave Couples Massage: $420

90 Minute Salt Cave Couples Massage : $500

60 Minute Hot Stone Salt Cave Couples Massage: $460

90 Minute Hot Stone Salt Cave Couples Massage: $540


Express Package - 30 Minutes : Cost is $60 for 1 person, $55/person for 2-3 people, $50/person for 4 people, and $45/person for 5 people.

Deluxe Package - 60 Minutes :  Cost is $85 for 1 person, $80/ person for 2-3 people, $75/person for 4 people, and $70/person for 5 people.


Therapeutic Massage

45 minutes……….$95
60 minutes……….$115
90 minutes………$155

Couples Massage in Healing Arts Room

60 minutes……….$280

90 minutes............$360

60 minute hot stone......$320

90 minute hot stone......$400

Hot Salt Stone Therapy

60 minutes……….$135
90 minutes……….$175

Heal Your Sole Foot Massage

45 minutes……….$95

Energy Healing

45 minutes……….$95

Aromatherapy Salt Glow

60 minutes……….$145
90 minutes……….$185

Simple Grounding Rituals

The holidays are here and life can feel like it's getting pretty hectic. I want to share some rituals that help keep me happy and sane during these busy times.

Summertime Lavender Lemonade

Homemade summertime lavender lemonade is super easy to make. You start with a lavender flavored simple syrup (liquid sweetener) made with three ingredients

Digital Detox

A new study found that ditching your phone for a week — or even just using it less for that week — can change your relationship with your smartphone long-term.

The Oldest Salt Mine in the World

The journey begins by walking along the same paths of the oldest salt mine in the world, trodden by prehistoric miners some 7000 years ago, and the people who once lived here for whom an entire age of human history was named.

Trigger Point Pain

Trigger points can feel like hard knots or little round balls in the muscle, they are usually very sensitive to touch.

Massage Self Care

When your body hurts, a massage and a little self care can make you feel brand new.

Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage?

It is important to understand these two different types of offerings, to help your massage therapist understand what your needs and expectations are.

What is a Hammam

Steam. Exfoliate. Purify.

Natural Headache Remedies

As a suffer of headaches, many of these tips have helped me with relief, I hope they help you too.

Salt Boo Boo Stones

multi-versatile pure salt tools

The Magic of New Beginnings

We have a very exciting announcement!

Natural Remedies for Tension Headaches

I try to remind myself of these simple tips to use when the headache starts creeping in

Asheville Salt Cave brings Healing from Thailand

These herbs were diligently researched and then passed down from one generation to the next.


Go ahead and kick off your shoes!  

Asheville as a Health Retreat

The climate was regarded as optimal due to its temperature, barometric pressure, and clean mountain air.