The holidays are here and life can feel like it’s getting pretty hectic. I want to share a few simple grounding rituals that help keep me happy and sane during these busy times.

  • Get up earlier: So many of us start our day off by checking social media or diving right into work mode. I invite you to consider what helps keep you in a calm space for just a few moments longer before your day begins. We know the family will be up soon, or the phone will start to ring, and your busy day will be in full swing. Try getting up even 5 minutes earlier to give yourself a few precious moments of quiet and calm in the morning. This simple grounding ritual may shift your outlook on the entire day!
  • Start out with something that is truly just for you you. Beginning the day with one simple grounding ritual for yourself can shift how your whole day feels. It can be as simple as making yourself a cup of tea (and no, don’t go scrolling on your phone while you sip this warm beverage, or hurry through morning chores!). Really taste it, notice how it make your insides feel. What does it smell like, what color is it? Where and when did you buy it? Does it make you feel nurtured? What do you notice about taking life a little slower for just a few moments?
  • Take 3-5 minutes at some point in your day. As your day goes on you may begin to feel like your to do list is unmanageable. We understand that you may be that perfectionist who needs to have everything in its perfect place, and that stresses you out. Or maybe you lean towards procrastination and that stresses you out. Either way, we encourage you to show up as your perfectly imperfect self. Set your timer and take 3-5 minutes to sit in the sunshine or breath in the cooler air and notice how it feels on your skin and inside your body. Do you notice any particular smells? What colors can you see when you step outside? How do they make your heart feel? Do you like this season? Why or why not?

Now onto the holidays, family time, and taking care of yourself.

There can be a lot of expectations around the holidays.

Whether you are spending it with loved ones, challenging ones, loved & challenging ones, or by yourself, we encourage you to see the magic. Winter lights bring many of us joy. Take a slow walk or drive around your neighborhood and soak in the twinkling lights. Do you prefer colored light decorations or the white one? Simple or busy ones? What do you like about them?

Last but not least, one of my favorite rituals:

Take out your phone and go to your pictures. Starting in January, pick one photo that makes you smile from each month and give it a <3. Flip through these favorite memories from each month. Sit with that beautiful picture. Maybe use it a prompt for some journaling. How did you feel during this moment in time? Who were you with? Do you remember the temperature on your skin? What smells or tastes can you reflect on? We often use our phones for so many reasons that take us out of our present moment. Here is to one way that can bring us back to love and happy memories.

These are a few simple and small grounding rituals that can help us recharge our batteries anytime, but especially during the holidays. Please share with us what keeps you grounded during your holidays.