If  you’re like me, when experiencing a full blown headache, or even on that verge of one coming on, it can be hard to be mindful of the steps for self care.

I try to remind myself often of these simple tips to use when the headache starts creeping in.

Tip #1

Drink 2 -4 glasses of 8 oz water. Did you know 75% of americans may suffer from dehydration? Hydration is key, on first twinge of a headache, start drinking water. Sometimes I will even add a little pinch of himalayan pink salt to my glass. Salt and water is what we are made up of, so might as well start there. If you’re feeling adventrous come try out our salt cave (we are one of the only ones in the US who use the water element in our salt cave). We have had many folks share of their headache reflief after coming in for a visit. Water is vital to our wellbeing, and with adding the minerals from the salt, this will stop my headache in its tracks.

Stop reading and go drink a glass now!

Tip #2

Hydrotherapy – a fancy word but really a very simple and effective technique. Place a hot compress on your feet and a cold compress on yout head and/or neck, this allow the blood to flow away from the head. You could also place your feet in a hot salt bath and use a washcloth soaked in cold salt water on your head. The theory is that the hot water will increase circulation to the lower extremities, while the cold on the head and neck area will reduse blood flow to that area, and he salt will balance out the minerals for the body to become in balance. Lay or sit a dark and quite space.

Tip #3

Essential oils: Peppermint and lavender essential oils have many healing properties. Apply one drop of each in a carrier oil (such as jojoba or almond oil) to your temples and forhead or disperse in room. Do not get in your eyes, mouth or nose area. Lavender oil is great for sleep, to reduce anxiety or depression, all things that could be leading to your headaches. As for peppermint oil, it is a bit more of a stimulant, it has anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties that feel opening and a bit tingly when applied to the body. These both smell amazing and you can purchased these high quality oils on our online store

Tip # 4

Self massage and Accupressure points: Press on the point between your thumb and first finger or on the tips of fingers and toes. This is an accupressure point known to reduse headache pressure. Receiving regular therapeutic massage is a great way to decrease muscle tension and stress levels. A massage therapist may even be able to help you pin point specific muscle groups or joint that is affecting your headaches. We have many skilled massage therapists at the Asheville Salt Cave and would be happy to help you find some relief.

One self care technique I really enjoy is using a tennis ball in areas that may be feeling tight. Some good areas to try may be between spine and the scapula on the back of the body, or in the neck region. Do what feels like good pressure for you… not to hard, but that just right place where you can breath deep. 

As a sufferer of headaches, many of these tips have helped me with relief, I hope they help you too!