As winter’s end is near and the feeling of spring is just around the corner some new feeling and emotions may arise. 

We often think of spring cleaning our homes or doing a detox for our bodies but what about our emotional and energetic bodies, what can we do to cleanse out the heavy more stagnant energy that has been hibernating in our energy fields all winter as we reflected on the past year?  What happens to our energy bodies in the winter and how do we prepare ourselves to allow the seeds that we have been nourishing all winter the best path for growth and potential as we transition into spring?

During the winter we tend to be less active, it is a time for rest, reflection & introspection. 

The days are shorter and we find ourselves sleeping more and being more introverted as we reflect on what we learned and experienced during the last spring, summer & fall.  We reflect upon the good and the bad and ponder how we want to proceed, what are our plans for the coming growing season?  What do we want to see grow?  During this hibernation period we are hopefully nurturing our seeds both energetic and physical earthly seeds.  What potential do these seeds now have?  Winter is time to get down to our roots, how have we grown our roots in the last year, have our roots grown stronger and where do they grow from here?

Springtime energy is light and crisp, it’s a time for new beginnings & transformation. 

This is a good time to contemplate and develop clarity on all that we have reflected upon during the winter to determine the direction of our path ahead for our future.  Think about making a vision board at this time!

It is time for manifestation of the seeds of potential that we nourished through the winter. 

Things are tending to move and change, if we do not move or change stuck patterns will develop into stagnation in our livers and liver energy which can be toxic & cause emotional stress. Spring is about balance, the spring equinox is the most balanced day of the year between night and day.  How can we find emotional balance & release stagnant energy?

Suggestions on physical movement for moving stuck energy:

Cardio!  Just move your body around, it can be good to think movement in our roots (in this case our legs) which have been dense and heavy over winter.  Go for a run or a hike, bicycle around taking the in aromas and sites of spring flowers and lushness of new beginnings. Practice some yoga moves such as mountain, pigeon, forward fold, downward or upward dog…starting a regular morning (or any time of day) yoga practice will do wonders for helping to move stuck energy!

Suggestions on moving stagnant energy in our energy bodies:

If you have crystals that you work with get them out, cleanse them, and create a grid or place them on an altar as you set intentions for transformation, change and growth.

Some suggestions for flower essences that you can take that may help to move stagnant energy in our subtle energetic bodies: Tansy, Dandelion, Blackberry, Cayenne, Nasturtium, Rock Water, Garlic & Bee Balm

Some crystals that can move stagnant energy: Selenite, Kyanite, sulphur quartz, black tourmaline, black moonstone, and techtities in general but also specifically moldavite &meteorite

Mugwort for moving stagnant energy: Using dried mugwort as a smudge is also helpful in removing any stagnant energy.

If you would like to learn more about using gem and flower essences & gridwork for moving stagnant energy join us in the Asheville Salt Cave on Wednesday March 27th for a group meditation and Spring Renewal Ritual.  We will co-create a crystal grid with a quartz bowl in the middle that will harness the energetics of a variety of flower essences that will infuse into the grid energy as well.  Participants will take home their own Spring Renewal Ritual essence spritzer.

Nicole McClane
Asheville Salt Cave
Flower Essence practitioner and certified herbalist