When it was suggested that I reach out to a local school to bring relaxation and mindfulness practices to children, I realized 

what I wanted to bring to the children was an experience that would be fresh and new, unlike anything they had known or experienced before.

One of my personal practices is Qi Gong, a traditional Chinese movement practice that builds and balances Qi, or energy. I made a simplified routine that they would enjoy and that would keep their attention. Postures like the Tiger, Blooming Lotus and Bamboo in the Wind were names that they could relate to. Their response was phenomenal. After the Qi Gong, they raised their hands high to say,

“That made me feel all opened up and relaxed!”

Christa from Skinny Beats Sound Shop followed with a sound healing experience that introduced the kids to the feeling or vibration that each instrument could create within them. They were invited to lie down for the sound healing.

But then their little hands gently crept towards the Tibetan singing bowls as they were eager to feel the vibration.  

Over a period of 30 minutes we mingled between the children playing rain drums and singing bowls while they lay quietly engaged with the sound and vibration. Christa played crystal singing bowls and a gong during the actual sound healing and then the children were invited to play some of the instruments. They truly loved every moment, but seemed to really enjoy playing the instruments.

We ended with a sweet Billy Jonas song, “Hollow Bamboo.” It goes something like this:

“We are Hollow Bamboo, Open up your heart and let the light shine through.”

What a joy to watch them place their hands over their hearts and sing this song, coaxing the light from their very own hearts out into the world around them. At the end of the day, it is my hope that this is the message that they carried home to their families.

At Asheville Salt Cave we are dedicated to fostering mindfulness within our community and creating a space for people to come unplug, be quiet, and open up their hearts. We offer both Private and Community Salt Cave sessions as well as Massage Therapy in downtown Asheville.