Many of us find that the connection between us and our closest celestial body is most palpable when it is at the Full phase of its lunar cycle.

If nothing else, it is at least most visible in the night sky at this time. Full Moons conjure all sorts of magical effects and are widely known for the intensity of their bright, beaming energy. In a sense, you could say they are the Moon’s most masculine expression, penetrating the darkness, clearing whatever falls into their path of reflected Solar light. You may have sensed a particularly influential connection with the most recent Full Moon, a Super Snow Moon, or Bone Moon. Perhaps as the more direct, intense energies of these Full Moons dissipate, we grow less aware of this connection we share. Until the next Full phase, of course. This endless cycle influences all life on Earth, as it always has, whether we have the sensitivity to notice it or not.

Tapping into the push and pull of the Moon’s orbital phases is a powerful way to utilize the influence of the Moon’s energies to our advantage, instead of being helplessly tossed about in the surf, especially when we integrate this as a conscious, ritualistic practice.

While the energies of the Full Moon are more frequently used for purposes of clearing and charging, the energies of the New Moon can be used for manifestation work and intention setting. Planting seeds, as it were. In fact, agricultural societies throughout history have known that sowing fields is more effective at the time of the New Moon, as this is the time when the soil is most fertile and saturated with live-giving water, as the gravitational pull of the New Moon pulls water closer to the surface allowing for more successful germination.

In other words, the New Moon is the Moon’s most feminine expression – a fertile container from which new life can sprout and grow.

This is therefore the ideal time for planting the seeds of your intentions, setting clear goals, calling in that which you want, and shifting dreams and aspirations into reality. This can be as simple as simply paying attention to your thoughts and feelings around the time of the New Moon so as to output energy signatures which align with the life you want. Or it can be a thorough and complete monthly ritual. How you ritualize this practice is limited only by your imagination. Fortunately there are numerous effective, age-old ritualistic methods at our disposal. Have you ever assembled a manifestation altar? Or invoked elemental magic? How about alchemical visualization?

Each month, we take advantage of the deeply healing atmosphere of our crystal salt cave to facilitate a ritualistic meditation and intention setting practice amplified by the energies of the New Moon within this sacred salt space. This monthly mini-workshop will guide you through the process of making your own creative altars. It also covers a variety of tools and techniques to refine and optimize the effectiveness of your manifestation work. The evening concludes with a deep meditation which clears and harmonizes your field, helping you to resonate in alignment with the potential reality you’ve been dreaming of, and which, with consistent practice, will ultimately make your wishes come true.

If you’re interested in learning these alchemical techniques for empowering yourself to create the life you want, then sign up for our next New Moon Meditation in the Salt Cave

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