In a recent conversation I was having with a friend,

we found ourselves discussing the complexity of navigating  relationships and what it takes to foster healthy reciprocity.

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, I felt inspired to write a little piece on the 5 love languages as a reminder that all relationships require attention, communication and energy. All of them. And also, you got this!

If you aren’t familiar with “5 Love Languages” developed Dr. Gary Chapman, the premise of his book is that there are 5 basic expressions of love and that most people do not share the same language. The book helps people not only identify what their love language is, but emphasizes learning how to understand and interpret all of them.  Knowledge is power, amiright?

Here is a brief rundown of the 5 Love Languages:

Quality Time

This falls under the camp of offering your full and undivided attention. We are talking eye contact, active listening and the absence of cell phones and TV.

Words of Affirmation

Kind, encouraging words and reasons behind your love make all the difference here.

Physical Touch

This love language is pretty self explanatory…hugs, holding hands, pats on the back, thoughtful touches on the arm, shoulder or face

Acts of Service

Bringing relief to the never-ending list of things to do can be the biggest expression of love! Think…taking out the trash/recycling, running an errand or taking the car to get the oil changed.

Receiving Gifts

The energy, thought, care that goes behind the perfect gift is the bread and butter of this love language. The item itself is valued as a tangible expression/extension of love.

So, now that you have a sense of what the love languages are all about,

I would like to invite you to dedicate this month to celebrating, embracing and acknowledging the relationships you are fostering in your life. It can be a relationship with yourself, friends, romantic partners or family members…the point is to learn, love and grow.

If you’re still in the planning phases for Valentines Day,

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To learn more about the love languages and even take the love language profile test go to