Can you feel it in your body when you’ve been sitting too much?

I know I can. In the car, at work, at home. It can be so easy to just sit down, and stay there. You might notice your back starting to hurt, your shoulders raising up and your spine curling into a C shape. You might feel extra tired and cranky, for no apparent reason.

There is an easy solution. Stand up. Go for a walk.

There are numerous benefits of regular walking for exercise. You don’t necessarily need to run a marathon or to weight train to improve your health. Walking for 20 minutes a day has been shown to be beneficial for both the body and the mind.

A Harvard health study calls walking a “boon to your overall health” and goes on to share that going for a walk can boost immune function, tame a sweet tooth, and ease joint pain, among a host of other benefits.

On top of all that, walking can lower the risk of depression, improve cognitive function, and release endorphins (a neurochemical that boosts mental health while decreasing sensitivity to stress).

Physical activity of any kind increases blood flow, which is good for the entire body system.

Stagnation in the body allows toxins to build up.  Blood flow helps bring nutrients to the bodies cells and takes away toxins, leading to a cleaner and healthier whole system.

Walking may not drastically increase muscle mass or make you break a sweat like running or a spin class would, but that doesn’t mean it’s a less effective workout. Taking a daily 20 minute walk can help keep your body and your brain healthy in the long run.

So stop reading, get off the screen, and go for a walk!  I guarantee you’ll feel better if you do.