Re-villaging is a term I had not heard of before having my first child. But now it is on the forefront of my mind. Whether you are a parent or not, this is information that should be a common understanding. 

Re-villaging is essentially modern day community support.

Authentic relating is as important as the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. We are biologically social animals. It is our innate design to need each other. Yet in our modern day culture we have been conditioned to believe we need to be independent and that asking for support is a weakness. This couldn’t be more wrong.

Community (or re-villaging) is one of the most important components to our health and well being. As a new mom, I have recognized the importance of asking for support.

New parents were never meant to parent alone.

And yet, so many of us are in isolation (especially with the current climate). We wonder why postpartum depression is so high, I believe this to be one of the leading components. 

One mother cannot be the whole village (for her family). Yet that is exactly what she is doing out of necessity. This is why new families are so burned out and exhausted, this work was never meant to be done without a village. Our ancestors had their communities and everyone pitched in to care for each other. Children were tended to and looked after by many people other than the parents. 

We truly need one another to thrive. Someone asked me recently if I had 8 people that I could call upon at any moment (that were local to me) for support. Fortunately, I could name 8; but it made me curious, how many actually have this? Can you think of 8 people that would be willing to stop what they are doing and come to you in a moment of need.

This is the re-villaging that needs to happen. 

It is a biological necessity that too many are going without. 

This is how we can pull ourselves out of burn out mode and back into our authentic, joyful, thriving selves. Because living in our joy is our birthright and the way we are meant to experience life. Now is the time to find your people, your village, and hold them close.