One of the most magical places on the earth can be found in Turkey. It is called Pamukkale or Cotton Castle. The name refers to the surface of the glistening, snow-white limestone, shaped by salt minerals and calcium-rich springs. As the concentrated waters drip slowly down the vast mountainside, mineral-rich waters foam and collect in terraces, spilling over cascades of stalactites into milky pools. Legend has it that the formations are solidified cotton (the area’s principal crop) that giants left out to dry.

Pamukkale in Turkey is still considered one of the healthiest and most mysterious places in the world. Deep in the earth beneath the city lies a vast source of water that is heated by volcanic lava. As a result, the water dissolves into white calcium and minerals, and then once saturated, it appears on the surface of the earth where it bursts forth and runs down a steep hillside. The end result is a form of calcium cascades frozen in stone.

As most mysterious places in the world, Pamukkale has a strong legend that makes this place even more intriguing. People believe that back in the days, there was a young Turkish girl that no one wanted to marry because she was very plain. The sad girl tried to end her life by throwing herself off a ledge. She fell into a natural pool and survived the fall. The water in the pool turned her into a radiant girl who caught the attention of the Turkish lord Denizli while he was passing by the place. He fell in love with the girl instantly and decided to marry her. People nowadays believe that in addition to the health benefits, the rocks in Pamukkale can make you more beautiful.

There are 17 natural springs in Pamukkale with temperatures ranging from 35 degrees to 100 degrees.

Pamukkale is considered a natural health spa thanks to the many benefits it provides for its visitors. The salt water provides remedy against asthma and rheumatism. Additionally, the water can bring benefits to the skin and eyes, help with recovery from high blood pressure, kidney stones, stroke, physical exhaustion, circulatory issues, digestive maladies, chronic disorders and nutritional disorders.

This one is sure to visit on the list of magical salt places on the earth. Continue to follow as I share of more salty places!