2020 has been challenging, as we all know. In writing this, I do not wish to minimize any of these hardships, but to redirect some focus on what we do have, focusing on an attitude of gratitude.

If you begin to take count of the abundance in your life, you may gain a renewed perspective with an attitude of gratitude.

If you are finding it a challenge to see abundance in your life, take a moment to consider: Have you eaten today? When you ate did you digest without any discomforts? Are you able to easily move your body? Did you sleep under a roof last night?

For some these are simple day to day tasks, for others they may not be so easy.

It is not always simple to comprehend our prosperity until we consider our reality without it.

I encourage you to take some time to write out/or contemplate what you’re grateful for in your life at the moment, include even the small details. In doing this, and potentially starting a daily practice of awareness and gratitude, your perspective will shift over time. Rather than focusing your energy on what’s not going right, you’ll soon find yourself focused on what IS going right.

An attitude of gratitude is a lifestyle that will heal many of the nuanced anxieties that plague our minds. In addition, this lifestyle is contagious; others will gravitate towards your positive demeanor. And you may find yourself asking others what they are grateful for, and spreading the gratitude attitude.

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