Kick off the weekend with a sunrise hike in the gorgeous mountains. 

Dragging your girl gang out of bed might feel impossible but nothing bonds a group of women like sleepily climbing a mountain and taking in a gorgeous sunrise together.  The trails won’t be crowded and the crisp air will feel refreshing. The blue ridge mountains are pretty and everything but that sunrise tho. (Especially at Frying Pan Lookout Tower ). 

After hiking, go out for brunch at one of Asheville’s many health-conscious brunch spots such as BimBeriBon or Elements.  Y’all absolutely need to grab the iced forest dragon drink at Dobra Tea ‘cause it’s got matcha, jasmine green tea, honey and cardamom.  Extra points if you fit in a flight of locally made kombucha at Rosetta’s Kitchen.  Close out your weekend with a vegetarian Sunday brunch at Laughing Seed from 11-3.  

Then, to bring your group to the next level and have the ultimate healing experience, rent out a private salt cave session at the Asheville Salt Cave

You will be surrounded by 20 tons of natural salt from floor to ceiling while lounging in zero-gravity chairs or on blankets nestled in the beachy salt rocks.  The amount of salt therapy y’all will enjoy is equivalent to being at the ocean for 3-4 days. The warm glow of the salt lamps and the cool cave (66 degrees) will knock everyone’s socks off.  (But put them back on because socks are required. Maybe the socks and sandals trend will hold).  

Planning the rest of the weekend will be a breeze if you go through Asheville Wellness Tours who cater to bachelorette parties.  A gentle yoga class at Pure Yoga or Asheville Yoga Center could feel great after that big hike. 

There are so many ways to show off your fabulous group of gals without gag gifts or printed shirts that nobody will wear again. 

It’s easy to get sucked into the penis straw troupe. Mother Earth and the Mother of the Bride will appreciate an eco-friendly alternative such as rainbow stainless steel straws with a personalized pouch.   Let the bride shine with a DIY crystal crown (and if you want to all match, pick a color scheme that everyone can already easily find in their wardrobe.  Everyone will know that y’all are together and special as heck because of the way your laughs light up the bar, not because of what you’re wearing).  

Your bride is a caring and lovely being which is why you’re putting so much effort into her special occasion.  Harness that love into your planning. It can be helpful to have a mantra for the bachelorette weekend to keep your focus on honoring the bride and having fun. 

The healthiest thing you can do is not be stressed. Keep the expectation on enjoying yourselves, not on the need to fill every minute with instagram postable content.  

If you are the Leslie Knope of your group, email everyone ahead of time with the plans so all of your folks are on the same page. 

Disappointment stems from unmet expectations. If your group knows what to expect, they will be ready for the most rejuvenating celebration that will leave the bride and her fave people filled with peace.  

Include in the email a packing list:

Hiking boots

Clean socks (for the salt cave)


Fanny pack (may it never go out of style again)

Water bottles

Close out your weekend with a vegetarian Sunday brunch at Laughing Seed from 11-3.  And give yourself a pat on the back (or a 60 minute massage, you deserve it!) for all the love and energy you poured into this bachelorette party.