The first day of summer can be a lot like New Years Day, filled with resolutions and goals to live your best life. 

You vow to yourself that unlike last summer, this will be The! Best! Summer! Ever!  This summer you’re not going to let Netflix derail you from camping.  You’re going to get into a canoe and have fun if it kills you.  But what if you could have a summer filled with the serenity of a staged pintrest picnic without all the guilt, high expectations, and stress?  You can. 

Mamie, an Asheville Salt Cave team member, sat down with our team leader, Jodie, to talk about the ways that summer self-care can be tricky, yet possible.

Mamie: What self-care activities do you already put into practice that you will carry out into the summer?  

Jodie:  The first thing I do when I wake up is use my insight timer meditation app so I can start my day with some positivity.  It gives me self-care tools that I will put into practice that day.  For example, a recent meditation taught me to slow down while I eat.  I put my fork down in between bites to really savor the flavor.  At night, I will have a bath with bath salts made at the salt cave and essential oils. 

Mamie:  A lot of folks have specific expectations for how they should be having fun in the summer.  Social media is always popping off with other people’s trips that seem to be filled with perfect self-care moments.  But it seems like someone’s ideal trip might be stressful for another person.  What are your thoughts around self-care expectations and travel?

Jodie: When you try to put on someone else’s self-care, it might not be a reflection of what best serves you.  For example, my brother loves to go to Disney World and to me that doesn’t feel relaxing.  Knowing yourself and knowing what fills your cup is important.  That way you can best decide what trips will leave you feeling restored and refreshed.  

Mamie: That’s such a good point. What kind of travel feels like self-care to you?

Jodie: I like to travel to a new place that is off the beaten path.  I prefer to go to a local park instead of doing anything touristy.  When I let go of fear and expectations, I always seem to stumble across an amazing hole-in-the-wall museum or a darling little bookstore.  Recently, when I was in Costa Rica, while trusting my instincts and walking in new directions, I found a Vietnamese restaurant that was incredible. 

Mamie: That sounds insanely delicious! What advice would you give to someone struggling with finding the time for self-care in the summer?  

Jodie: The more time you carve out for yourself, the more amazing things will arrive for you.  The world will give back to you fullfold.  If you actually slow down, you will realize that everything is still going to be taken care of with ease. This fall, the Asheville Salt Cave is moving locations and so this summer is going to be busy getting ready for this new and exciting chapter. It may sound counterintuitve, but the busier I am, the more time I will carve out for self-care. I have learned that when I do take care of myself regularly it helps in times of stress. I can remember back to when my body has relaxed and know with confidence that it will relax soon again.

Mamie: Wow. You have ‘wrinkled in time’ self-care. Oprah would be proud. Thank you, Jodie. You’ve inspired me to jump into my own summer self-care routines that will most definitely not be diving off a cliff into a swimming hole, but rather plunging face first into an audiobook that pairs well with chardonnay.