September 17th 2020

With the New Moon being the First Moon of the Moon Cycle, this is the time to set intentions for the upcoming month!

This is when the moon is 0% illuminated. As the moon grows and becomes more illuminated so will your intentions. This makes it the best time to ask yourself what you’re ready to manifest and what you’re ready to release. Its time to clear out the old and make way for the new.

With this New Moon being in Virgo, intentions set around the energy of Virgo will be the most powerful.

Virgo’s are naturally care givers, analytical, connected to animals, and connected to health through nutrition. Under this New Moon you may feel called to set some intentions around care giving for yourself or others, analytical endeavors, connecting more to animals, and looking more into how you can nurture your body.

Enjoy releasing all that is no longer serving you under this full moon and planting the seeds of what you wish to see manifest throughout this moon cycle.