On this day in history, November 5, 1922, tuberculosis medical pioneer Dr. Karl Von Ruck passed away in Asheville. In the 1870’s doctors began praising Asheville’s climate and mountain air for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis. In 1888, Von Ruck established the Winyanh Sanitarium in Asheville. He was a constant advocate for Asheville as a health destination.

Today Asheville is a destination for many reasons, health and wellness being one. Things have come full circle in Asheville. The Asheville Salt Cave is proud to be part of the alternative health scene. Our facility offers our clients an alternative breathing treatment which aides in relaxation, restoration of mind, body and soul and rejuvenation.

On this day in history Asheville lost an advocate for Asheville as a health destination. Many to this day come to Asheville for alternative health treatments, to enjoy the climate and to breath in the mountain air.