We are excited that a national publication has written about our Salt Cave and Asheville.

On October 3, 2015 Kimberly Nicoletti, a freelance writer and editor, had her article published in the VailDaily on their Travel website. The article is titled “Health and Wealth in Asheville, with decadent mansions and healing salt caves. ” Here is an excerpt from the article.

Vanderbilt and Edwin Wiley Grove, visionary of the Grove Park Inn, built their properties to support and encourage health, and Asheville still resonates with healthy-living lifestyle.

The Asheville Wellness Tour allows visitors to delve into three areas: a salt cave, a yoga tour including savasana, which helps the body reset itself, and Wake, a foot sanctuary offering handmade soaps, salts and pure oils (

If you can just choose one healthy locale in Asheville, then head to Asheville’s Salt Cave, the nation’s only sustainable, growing salt cave built solely of natural materials (salt, wood and water). A large fountain and salt blocks mined from the Dead Sea, Poland and the Himalayans create a healing microclimate.

The Appels brought in a team from Poland after nearly three years of researching how to create a proper salt-crystal microclimate. Owner Beth Appel said they became inspired after a 45-minute session in a salt cave relieved her husband’s chronic asthma for weeks. In addition to respiratory problems, salt therapy has been employed by various cultures for hundreds of years to treat skin issues, arthritis, depression, digestive ailments, migraines, insomnia and even poor concentration. Its negative ions are believed to increase serotonin and flow of oxygen to the brain, as well as contribute to a sterile environment. The heated salt crystals also release 84 trace minerals and elements essential to human’s health.

Unlike most other caves, the Asheville Salt Cave surrounds visitors in 20 tons of salt, from the ceiling pieces and crushed pebbles on the floor (which you’re welcome to play with, place a handful on your forehead or otherwise indulge in) to the large, up to 300-pound chunks emanating from the dimly lit walls. Zero-gravity lounge chairs and an initial guided meditation enable guests to relax and restore in 45-minute sessions.

However you decide to tour Asheville — be it health, wealth or both — you’ll find some of the best natural resources intertwined with architecture and innovation, which make for a thoroughly enchanting Southern stay.

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