The secret of our cave is simple: the air is enriched with salt trace elements and ions.

These elements, which the human body absorbs through respiration and through our pores, are essential to our existence. The result is: bodily relaxation and rehabilitation where the body and mind come to a perfect balance and one feels rejuvenated and is filled with well-being.

We all live a stressful life with our workloads and work conditions. More and more of us are looking for ways to reduce our stress and increase our health. With less and less time to experience relaxation, rest and rejuvenation we are looking for ways to balance our professional and personal lives. We are looking for ways to reward ourselves. Some of us may be looking for ways to lose weight, reduce or stop smoking, or treat our health issues with a natural method. All of these can be addressed by visiting the Asheville Salt Cave on a regular basis. Ten consecutive sessions have the ability to complete a rejuvenation cycle in which one will observe the differences in stress levels and physical fitness of ones organism.

Salt therapy is an experience for both the body and the spirit.

It offers well-being, relaxation and the strengthening of the human organism. Just one visit is enough for one to discover the relaxing and beneficial properties of the rejuvenating salt cave. What one feels after their first session is almost magical and it will bring your body and your mind into a state of perfect balance.

The Asheville Salt Cave, through the use of mineral crystal salt rocks, has created a micro-climate that reproduces the therapeutic properties of the atmosphere of a salt mine. By keeping the temperature in the salt cave constant (between 68 and 70 degrees) with a humidity of 50% the mineral salt naturally releases its healthy ions and trace minerals into the air without losing its crystal structure and attributes. Sea salt is not a crystal and does not have this same behavior, therefore we keep it to a minimum in the cave.

Asheville salt cave does NOT use any type of Gypsum or salt panels in the cave. We do not use any artificial resins. These become bacteria nests. We also keep our sea salt to a minimum and only use it on the floor, due to its low ion generation, quality and purity. There is no use of salt tiles (except for wheel chair access to our cave) because these man-made tiles do not comply with the therapeutic requirements. There is no mechanical or artificial means of “spraying salt”. The natural micro-climate of the salt cave is rich in beneficial ions and trace elements which kill bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms through natural means. Heating the floor, which is covered in Himalayan, Polish mineral and Dead Sea salt helps to generate ions. The two water features contain a concentrated solution of mineral salt and water creating a Sole’, which is  similar to the primal ocean, the water in our body and embryonic fluid. These two water features are natural ionizers which enrich the atmosphere of the salt cave with additional salt ions.

The Asheville Salt Cave uses two types of lighting. There are special photo-diodes scattered throughout the ceiling along with crystal salt lamps in the walls of the cave. Together these diffuse light through the salt and create color therapy systems which have a positive affect on stress, fatigue and depression. Your body absorbs the energy from these systems into its nervous system to the point where it is most needed.