Did you know that even when lamps, computers, televisions, microwaves, cellphones, and other wireless equipment are not turned on, they still magnify an electromagnetic wave?

This can cause us to suffer from insomnia, recurrent headaches, cardiovascular and blood-related problems, and an overall weakening of the immune system (Lefevere, 2003).

There’s many precautions we can take such as disconnecting appliances when not in use, keeping your cell phone away from your bed at night, turning off wifi when able to, and staying some distance away from appliances when using them.

However, one of the most powerful ways to counteract the harmful effects from these electromagnetic waves is to install a salt lamp in every one of the rooms in your home.

Using salt lamps can be a kind of medicine for the home. Salt lamps will saturate each space with negative ions (read more about negative ions in this blog post), bring a calming atmosphere, absorb humidity, and may help to kill airborne pathogens, promoting health and harmony in your home.

Here’s some more benefits of having salt lamps in your home:

  • Soothing and energizing
  • Increased pleasure in food and conversation
  • Purified atmosphere
  • Aesthetic comfort
  • Acts as a shelter against insomnia, nightmares, and a large number of illnesses

In today’s world, we live, think, feel, work, and love through tensions, toxins, and electromagnetic waves.

Salt lamps are a simple and effective way to relieve our bodies and minds so they don’t turn into more serious conditions.

Reestablish mind-body balance and harmony in the home through the medicine of Himalayan salt lamps.

Lefevre, C. (2003). Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for Healing, Harmony, and Purification. Healing Arts Press.