Here are some simple, but effective tools for inviting some fresh oxygen into your system that can be done at any time of day.


Three simple ways to relieve stress:

  1. Legs Up the Wall: This is something that I have used on almost a daily/nightly basis to help me ground in some relaxation and invite stillness before bedtime. Not only can you do this from the comfort of your bed, assuming there’s a wall behind you, but you can do this for as little as 5 minutes and still reap some serious benefits. These benefits include getting your blood flowing in the opposite direction, which improves circulation and helps relieve some of that pain we get in our tired legs and feet after a long day! This restorative pose also helps alleviate tension headaches and overall tension in the mind and body, wonderful.
  2. Belly Breathing: If you are unfamiliar with this breathing exercise, I encourage you to place your hands on your tummy in a lying down or comfortable position. Taking deep breaths in through your nose, notice your belly expand into the warmth of your hands. And as you exhale, notice your belly deflate, like a balloon. Repeat this at least 3 more times and tell me if you don’t feel a little bit more relaxed than you did when you started.
  3. Get Outta Your Head and Into Your Heart: It’s too easy to get spun out with the litany of to-do lists and tasks each one of us has on a daily basis. To help me remember what is really important, I place my hands on my heart, close my eyes, and take 3 deep breaths into my heart space. This instantly reminds me that I am here now, in this moment, safe, secure, and loved. See if you can notice any feelings in your body that come up from doing this. I notice a subtle feeling in my arms and in my chest that washes over my whole body. I imagine that as a protective layer covering me in my energy field or you can imagine it as a beautiful warm light, blanketing you in Love!
I hope these ideas are helpful for you and if not, then there are lots of other simple ways to relieve stress. Find some things to experiment with to find what resonates for you! ✨