Are you looking for a place to cozy up with a book and something warm?

I’m here to give you the 411 on a few of the coziest little nooks and crannies of AVL.

My first recommendation is Dobra Tea. There is a location downtown on Lexington Avenue along with another location on Haywood road. They have a wide variety of teas and hot soups and also provide floor seating where you can kick back with your shoes off and relax.

After tea, you might head over to Wake Foot Sanctuary for a foot soak. They are located downtown in the grove arcade. A warm foot soak with a variety of different herbs in a quiet zen space? Count me in!

Coffee lovers…after your foot soak check out The Battery Park Book Exchange also located in the grove arcade. A two story book store with a full service coffee/wine bar. On weekends they usually have live music as well. Books, a hot cup of joe and music? Yes please.

Here are some tips and tricks on staying warm in your own home this winter. Self care Sunday doesn’t just have to be a one day a week. We carry a few items in shop that are winter must haves in my opinion. If you’re a bath person I highly recommend our bath salts filled with different essential oils. What’s better than a hot steamy bath on a cold winter day? We also sell salt hot packs that you can heat up in your oven. We make them in house and they have the relaxing scent of lavender in them. Last but not least I recommend trying our detoxifying foot domes. A salt lamp for your feet essentially. If you stop into our shop you can try them out and relax with a hot cup of tea! Hope y’all stay warm and cozy this winter!