It’s no small feat, but for Jodie Appel, offering Asheville a curated collection of healing found from her worldly travels is just what she has set out to do.

With the Asheville Salt Cave team, they have created a unique oasis — right in the heart of Asheville — that is truly transportive. It’s an experience that meets people where they are, and offers something for all the senses.

The saying, “wherever you go, there you are,” rings true when you ask Jodie Appel of the Asheville Salt Cave about how she experiences the world. She will tell you of far away adventures, but not in the typical, simplistic way of, “this happened, then this, …” What she conveys is an immersive experience where she shares the sights, sounds, motions and scents of a place. You feel like you’ve been there with her.

Travel is her reprieve. When in a far away land, she mines experiences, and then brings home what she feels will be helpful to people’s healing journeys.

From her first salt cave experience in Greece, to her latest Hammam (a Turkish steam bath) in Turkey, the details you find at the Asheville Salt Cave are personal.

Comprised of salt from different pockets of the world: Poland, the Dead Sea, and the Himalayas of Pakistan, the salt cave is a place where you can clock out of your day, unplug, and take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

‘That’s why I do what I do. It’s always a magical thing to see someone leave here with the ability to walk more peacefully in the world again,’ says Jodie.

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